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Doctor Lionel Toussaint is a character in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. He is one of the Disruptors. He is portrayed by Leslie Odom Jr.


Lionel is the head scientist for Miles's company. He has known Miles, Claire, and the Disruptors for many years. He's close with Claire in particular. Lionel goes with the others to a private island for a weekend away with Miles and the Disruptors. When Lionel hears that the island is completely powered by "Klear," a hydrogen-based alternative fuel that Alpha will launch imminently, he gets very concerned.

Lionel realizes that Miles is behind Andi's death and he turns on him.


Lionel is a very intelligent, driven man.


- Claire Debella (Friend)

-Birdie Jay (Friend)

- Duke Cody (Friend) (Deceased)

-Miles Bron (Former Friend)

-Andi Brand (Former Friend) (Deceased)

-Benoit Blanc

-Helen Brand (Acquaintance)